Can I Pay in 4 on a Gumtree payment request from the seller?

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From Gumtree, I can request payment via PayPal upon which the seller will send me a payment request via PayPal. Can I'm Pay in 4' on this payment request? I say have Pay in 4 setup and working on my PayPal account but not sure if this method of payment is applicable to Gumtree originated payment requests. Thanks.
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Hello @Timbox13


Welcome to the PayPal Community, this is a great question! Unfortunately, I'm unable to say if a specific merchant accepts Pay-in-4 or not, but I can say if you've already have the option setup, you would see it during checkout if Pay-in-4 is available. You can read a bit more about Pay-in-4 here, but I would recommend reaching out to our Customer Support if you have any further questions. 


Good luck!


 - Jon K

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