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Braintree availability

New Community Member
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I am based in Kenya and I wanted to integrate payments into my website using Braintree, so is Braintree available for merchants in Kenya, my efforts to contact support have bored no fruits


Braintree availability


Hi yusuf_khamis, 


Thank you for contacting the PayPal Community Forum, and welcome as a new member! 


Braintree is not currently available in Kenya. Please review this link for information on where Braintree is available -


- Siobhan 

Braintree availability

New Community Member

Hi there, 

I've been having exactly the same issues. 

I'm not even sure if Paypal is aware of what is going on with Braintree. 

Look at Braintree's reviews. My own experience with them has also been appalling. 

We've actually decided just to use Stripe because Braintree is so bad, and is the only option Paypal is offering us to create a marketplace, which is really sad, because I've always liked using Paypal myself.

All the indications are that Braintree is a company that should be avoided at all costs.

It took me months to get a basic response from their sales team, and that was after I had rerouted my enquiry through their tech-support and let them know I was getting no response. When the sales team responded, the agent, Emily, could not even be bothered to call me by my first name, calling me by my surname.

Her response was so disinterested and lacking in any sort of customer service that I had to wonder how a company like Braintree even survives in a modern age. 

Skip Braintree until Paypal offers something better. 

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