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Account restrictions - bad PayPal policy

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While setting up a new web shop with a brand new PayPal account my account was suddenly restricted. I needed to give proof of fulfilment of all my first orders, provide photo ID and business information. Ironically, my last order could not be fulfilled due to the restrictions so I could not provide proof of fulfilment. I understand you need these details, but they could have been requested at the get go for this type of setup. My business is legitimate and I have no problems providing the paperwork but DON'T MESS WITH THOSE FIRST ORDERS! It's embarrassing if an order you have worked for fails due to the payment system.


Furthermore, I tried to phone PayPal, but the provided number makes no sense and does not work. This is the number on the contact page: 3420809037 What country is this? Do I need to dial a country code first? It's just not clear.


Next: on the limitations page itself there is a button "give us your feedback" but this link does not lead anywhere. You can click it 5.000 times if you like.


All of this is very disappointing.

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