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Accepting PREPAID RELOADABLE MASTERCARDS AS PAYMENT “in CANADA” how to do it the right way?

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IF A CUSTOMER wants to use prepaid reloadable Mastercards with no chips (PAYPOWER to be exact) How does one - send the invoice (is it “1” invoice for $765 or 5 invoices for the $50,$100,$100,$250,$265 cards they actually have??) - can they all be sent from one account? We ran into issues and created new PayPals. Managed to send all but (1) $100 card payment. Either attempts too many to log in, or sent too many payments that day? How do we finish. She owes $100. We can’t process the $100 card. Cuz it was attached to PAYPAL1 but at PayPal3 we tried to add to send cuz paypal1 had a block/hold/whatever on it Admit I have zero clue myself how to use paypal I try to not. Cuz of these reasons. Any advice or insight as to what the issue is? We can’t log in to account 1. And we can’t remove the linked prepaid. So we can’t use it on account 3 to finish the last payment. Help.

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