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4 payment plan question

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If I pay my 4 payment plan in full, would I be able to start another 4 payment plan on another item?


4 payment plan question


Hi @Ryan6678


Welcome to the PayPal Community. 


To pay off the rest of your plan, just log into your PayPal account, choose the Pay in 4 plan you want to pay off and click Make a Payment. Then you can make an unscheduled payment to pay off the entire Pay in 4 plan.


Following this, you should be able to start a new Pay in 4 plan. PayPal Pay in 4  is not available for certain merchants and goods. We may also decide not to offer PayPal Pay in 4 as a payment option in certain circumstances, such as where our checks suggest an increased risk of fraud or where data we hold suggests you may not be eligible.


I hope this helps. Have a nice day! 



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