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supply custom information during subscription sign-up

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Hi folks, I'm exploring different options for managing membership payments for my sports club. Paypal's Subscriptions option looks close to being viable, but there's one thing I can't quite tell whether it is capable of: I need to collect a couple of additional values supplied by the customer during sign-up, and I can't see if that is possible. Specifically, I want each subscription to be accompanied by a name of who the subscription is for as opposed to who is paying it (most commonly because parents will set up a subscription for each child).


Can this be done? If so, please could you point me at the docs reference for how to do it? I want to be able to see this information when I view active subscriptions - I've seen some mentions of returning data to the merchant in an email but this wouldn't be ideal for situations where I'm looking at a subscription someone might have set up years ago.

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