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pay in 3 wasn't accepted why?

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Hi i am a bit confused about this so im hoping someone can help me? Basically ive been using PayPal pay in 3 for a few months now and ive had 6 plans at once ive paid off 3 completely and even paid them earlier! So i have 3 outstanding plans left im halfway through paying them too but when i just tried to use it to pay for an online shop of £70 its declined me? I just don't understand why i was ok to have the plans before and ive never made any late payments so why cant i keep using it? My financial situation is the same? And if anything ive proved i can be trusted to make repayments! Sorry i know it may seem like im moaning but this has been a very helpful thing for me and because i was given it without any problems and i have made sure i make all payments either on time or early i am just a bit miffed because i was hoping it would help me in future! With Christmas coming etc but now i just read i cant apply again for 35 days?! Surely if ive repayed other plans i shouldn't be declined? What have i done wrong?

pay in 3 wasn't accepted why?

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Same here! I've previously paid mine back correctly and on time. Sometimes earlier than planned! Now I'm not getting accepted 😔

pay in 3 wasn't accepted why?


Hello @Temp20211108 and @Temp20211016d,


Welcome to the PayPal Community! I'm sorry to hear you're running into some issues with a recent Pay in 3 application. If you apply during check out and get declined for Pay in 3, you'll normally receive an email explaining why you were declined.


My apologies for any inconvenience this has caused,


 - Jon K

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