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Pending transactions but didn’t actually get to buy the item

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I was attempting to buy a PS5 today and chose PayPal to checkout using pay in 4. I filled out all the information needed and got approved. I was then redirected back to my cart and had to hit the checkout button again. I chose PayPal again for the payment and was taken back to the website to fill out the same things for pay in 4 and was once again approved. However, once I was sent back to my cart, the item had sold out so I didn’t get to complete the order. I checked my bank app and it shows two $200 pending transactions. It shows this on paypal too. I’m assuming that I’ll get that money back since I didn’t actually get to purchase the item. I’m trying to reach out to paypal, but I just wanted to ask here too to make sure that I’ll get that money back.

Pending transactions but didn’t actually get to buy the item


Hi Gen117, 


Thank you for contacting the PayPal Community Forum, and welcome as a new member! 


I am sorry to hear you were unsuccessful with this order. As these orders were not completed the pending authorization will void after 30 days have passed. Please contact your bank, and advise them of the unsuccessful orders. They will be able to remove the hold on the $200 in your account. 


- Siobhan 

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