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Paypal working capital wait time

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I have had 16 paypal working capital loans so far. I paid off my loan around 2 days ago. Usually I get to reloan a lot faster but for some reason it keeps saying this " We’re sorry. We can’t offer you a PayPal Working Capital loan right now." Has anyone else had this come up and what was the average wait time it took you to get an approved loan after the last? I did call them l, but I may as well just sat and stared at the wall

Paypal working capital wait time


I would ask them about it through the PayPal Message Center.  You won't get an instant response, but at least you don't have to wait on hold.  You'll get a notice when they reply and you can then respond accordingly.  I've had good luck with this.  Again, not instant, but definitely useful.


Somebody here might be able to help you with it, but they'll need account specific info and that's typically best done through the message center in my experience.





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