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Paying Specific paypal deals?

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I have several paypal credit agreement at the moment, some pay in 4 months, some on credit.. When I want to pay off a specific one before the due date how do I do so without it just coming off my paypal account? The one i thought I had paid is still showing as needing to be paid by January and the money I paid in has come off my paypal balance


Paying Specific paypal deals?


I've had this same issue. I have had multiple pay in 4 or credit payment transactions and thought I had paid off a 'pay in 4' only to find out that I hadn't and had been charged interest on the payment. There doesn't seem to be a way to pay a specific credit balance. Paypal splits your payments across your entire balance, and are making money off of it. 


Planning to forward issue to the Financial Ombudsman Service

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