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PayPal pay in 4 double charge

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So I had purchased a product using the pay in 4 method but I didn’t see that it got approved and so it had sent me back to the payment information page and I had thought that it hadn’t gone through. Usually what happens when it doesn’t show me approved or any messages I assume that it had gotten denied so I decide to just purchase the product outright. Now I’m checking my bank statement and it had charged me the initial payment for the pay in 4 loan and I also got charged the full price as well (my actual choice). What do I do in this situation? P.S. I had gotten a call from a PayPal machine to inform me about the fraud detection and I am aware I have made the purchase but that is why I checked my statement to confirm.

PayPal pay in 4 double charge


Hi @HiMusubi.


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This is very unfortunate. If the payments have been completed, you won't be able to cancel them yourself because the recipient will have already received the money. In this situation, it's best to reach out to the merchant directly and request a refund. The majority of merchants are accomodating and are willing to issue refunds once they are requested within a reasonable timeframe. 


Thank you for your post, I hope this helps! 



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