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PayPal pay in 3 took out when didn’t buy anything

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So I was going to place an order using PayPal pay in three it took the money out but I ended up not purchasing the product but the money came out anyway. Will this go back into my bank?

PayPal pay in 3 took out when didn’t buy anything


Hello @Charlottebetts9,


Thank you for joining us here on the PayPal Community Forums, and for sharing your question. When beginning the Pay in 4 or Pay in 3 process, an authorization can be made on the intended repayment method, to ensure it is valid and active. These authorizations typically fall off within 48 hours, but depending on the card company or bank, may take a little longer. 


I hope this information reassures you, as our systems work to clear out any temporary holds from your checkout process.


- Dani
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