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Pay in 3

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Why can't I use pay in 3 , when I been using it for months now and havent missed a payment..

Pay in 3


Hi @Jacquie123


Welcome to the PayPal Community! 


You can use PayPal Pay in 3 for eligible shopping cart amounts between £30.00 to £2,000.00. These values may vary from merchant to merchant. 


We’re offering PayPal Pay in 3 to a growing number of our UK customers. 

PayPal Pay in 3 is not available for certain merchants and goods. We may also decide not to offer PayPal Pay in 3 as an option based on our internal checks. 

If you choose PayPal Pay in 3 as your payment method when you check out with PayPal, you’ll be taken through the application process. You will get a decision instantly, but not everyone will be approved based on our internal checks.


I hope this helps, have a nice day. 



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