No Confirmation when using the PayPal Web Site to make payment to PayPal Credit Card




I just used the PayPal Web Site to make a payment to my "PayPal Cashback World MasterCard" Credit Card, and I didn't get a Confirmation Page or even a Confirmation Number.  It has been more than two hours and I also have not received a confirmation email.  I  got only returned to the Credit Card Page ( but with a small bit of added text saying that my payment has been scheduled: "Payment Dec 15 Pending" plus the amount.  There's nothing to click on to give me any more detail.


I find this very disturbing.  I have no way to record this transaction and nothing to reference if something goes wrong.


I did contact PayPal and I am not satisfied with how they handled this.


More details:

The last time I paid my PayPal credit card, I was taken to the Synchrony Bank web site to make the transaction.  Not this time.  It stayed on the PayPal web site.


The Synchrony Bank web site provided a Confirmation Page - with a Date, and Amount, and a Confirmation Number - that I could print or save.  The PayPal web site does not.  The Synchrony Bank web site also sent me a Confirmation Email.  The PayPal web site does not.


When the made the change to stop using the Synchrony Bank web site and implemented this payment using the PayPal web site, did they just flat-out forget to provide payment confirmation???


I tried chatting online with PayPal customer support.  They were useless.  And they gave me the phone number for Synchrony Bank.  They can't help with this because it's NOT THEIR WEB SITE anymore.


I also tried speaking on the phone with PayPal.  Same thing.  They transferred me to Synchrony Bank.


Then, finally, *FINALLY* I got someone who transferred my call to someone technical.  He understood the problem.  He even paid is OWN PayPal Credit Card to see the problem for himself.  He submitted a ticket to the web site development team.  I am hoping that when their management sees the ticket, they will see the issue as important enough to actually fix.



WHY AM I POSTING THIS?  I am hoping others will think this is a big problem as well and will also ask PayPal to fix it.  The more people report it, maybe the more likely it will get fixed.

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