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I was declined a third "pay in 4 contract"

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I was declined a third “pay in 4 contract” (shopping on eBay) does this affect my relationship with PayPal for future contracts? I currently have 2 contracts active and this is my first time. I needed one more item, but PayPal said no, this time, but I am worried it may look at me with distrust in the future?


When I was young, I had been told that being rejected from load applications could result negatively for me.


Now, that PayPal has offered me this credit and then declined me, I feel like it's a bit unprofessional on their side.


Now, I have the worry, that because I was declined a third contract, they will take this negatively at me?


I have active credit loans happening now and won't miss a beat. But will the third credit I tried getting and was cancelled upon, affect my future credit with PayPal?


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