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Ghost/Duplicate Pending Payments

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Hi All


Need some help as Paypal aren't being very helpful. 


I have made a payment online to two different retailers, one back in March and the other more recently just over 1 month ago.  My problem is this:


Despite the fact that the payments have been taken and are showing on my statements, I still have 2 corresponding payments that have a status of pending, which is impacting my available credit.  I thought what may have happened is that the retailers 'reserved' the funds (which is normal), and then once the orders were then fulfilled, instead of completing the payment with the initial authorization code, processed a new payment (leaving the pending payment amount).


I've encountered this situation before and usually the 'reserved' payment drops off if it it not processed within a couple of weeks (or up to 30 days), however this has not happened, and I have two payments of 'pending' over 30 days old (one over 60 days), which are impacting my available credit.


I've contacted the retailers and they say the issue is with Paypal Credit and PP Credit say the issue is with the retailers............


Unfortunately I can't see any way of finding out the transaction ID of the pending payments to see if they're different to the ones that appear in my statements, and Paypal Customer Service just don't seem to get what the issue is and just say the payment is 'authorized' (well of course it has but there is one 'taken' payment and one 'pending' payment for the same transaction which is the issue!).


Any thoughts how I can resolve this with Paypal or the retailer?!


Thanks in advance


Ghost/Duplicate Pending Payments


I am having this problem, too. Charges were processed but the authorizations are still "pending".  Merchant says they cannot remove the authorization and to contact PayPal, and Paypal tells me to contact the merchant.  I still have three authorizations that are over 30 days old. Did you ever get any help?

This isn't the first time this has happened.  And it is frustrating to say the least.




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