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Feature request invoicing

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There was no Invoicing category to post in, so I'll post here.

Feature Request

1  The primary screen in invoicing need to be unpaid or drafts. No one cares about paid invoices.
2  Need simple breakdown MONTHLY of taxes collected, parts sold, total labor, total fees
3  Running total YTD and monthly totals. Total income (Parts + Labor + taxes) Gross Income (Total -tax) Adjusted Gross (Gross - parts) Loss (invoices going unpaid)
4  Save DRAFTs automatically. Do not time out or save draft. We keep the app open to make notes.
5  When selecting a cost type, next screen should be editing the description and price. We have to select the cost type then open back up to edit.
6  Cost type description - Allow incline editing. (Similar to price and quantity does)
7  The Arrow for send,share, QR code, save covers the shipping and handeling amount
8  If the same cost type is selected, add a second line. Don't combine.
9  Reduce the space between lines so we can see the Total without scrolling.

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