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Error page from gift cars

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I recoeved a gift card notice by email and after clicking on the link it cames upas an error page and thats all. Thd message is from paypal do I'm not sure what to do


Error page from gift cars


Hello @scottandrrson,


Welcome to PayPal Community! I understand that you may have clicked on a link that did not populate a page. In this situation, please attempt to clear cache and cookies and utilizing different browsers. I recommend that you do not try again for 72 hours if the troubleshooting tips were unsuccessful. After 72 hours, please try again on a personal device and with a safe at home (not public/VPN) WIFI/DATA network. Alternatively, you can reach Customer Support by clicking Contact and then Message Us (when available) at the bottom of the PayPal website. They're also available through Twitter direct message or Facebook instant message.  

Message Us

Direct Message

Instant Message


I hope this helps! 

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