Did invoice screen change again?


This is a trivial question since the functionality is the same, but did the invoice creation screen undergo another change? The rounded buttons are showing up as large, blocky drop-down menus, and some of the formatting is misaligned. Is this a new update or a temporary thing I'm seeing? I tried in both Chrome and Safari with the same result.

Also, in this new layout, when you type a contact in the To: field, only their name appears (not their email address), so if you have multiple clients like I do with the same name or pen name(s), then it's a gamble as to which client is being selected. It impacts productivity and makes one have to do one or more additional checks. 

As a heavy user of this page, I don't think it's an improvement. Has anyone else gotten this layout?
See attached image for the previous layout vs. what I am seeing now.

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