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DLGJ0908 - Working capital rejection

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I have used Paypal working capital as with many people who have been asking questions about being declined a working capital facility my track record is spotless I have had 10 loans dating back to 2016. Each of the loans were repaid well in advance of the maximum perios meaning that the real rate of interest has equated to around 25%.


Now my application has been declined with 


I do not consider it a right to access these loans but it was a useful discipline to work to. Now I look at the rate Paypal are charging for transactions and I, along with many, question the validity of using Paypal. In my business I have requested Paypal payment and an increasing percentage of customers say that they would prefer by bank transfer because they have been scammes on Paypal in the past. So, the question is why should we, the people who are Paypal's customers and provide them with their vast profits continue to use their system? 


I am inclined to ote with my feet and see Paypal consigned  to history.


Either the people at Paypal cannot be bothered to read what the gripes are on this forum or they cannot be bothered to respond to the legitimate questions the people, without whom Paypal could become as relevant as Myspace!

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