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Cancelled pay in 4 transaction still pending 9 days later

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I made a purchase on April 16 and paid with the Pay in 4 option. The vendor cancelled the order because they didn't actually have the part.
The pay in 4 plan is still showing up on the 25th as 'pending'. When I try to request help on the transaction it shows as 'cancelled' (and when I select it, the interactive messaging system breaks and stops responding).

How do I get this to actually go away? It's been 6 business days now.


Cancelled pay in 4 transaction still pending 9 days later


Hello @blahblahusernam

Welcome to the PayPal Community! 

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with your recently canceled Pay in 4 transaction. Once the merchant cancels the order and refunds the transaction, the refund will be automatically applied to your Pay in 4 loan. You can learn more on our Help Center here: How does a merchant refund work for my Pay in 4? If your loan still shows pending, please contact Customer Support for assistance investigating this matter. You can reach Customer Support by clicking 'Contact' at the bottom of any PayPal website. Support is also available through Facebook Private Message or Twitter Direct Message.

I hope this is resolved soon! 

- Meghan

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