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Adding Notes at POS

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Is there a way to add notes or additional information when collecting payments? We collect dues for an organization. I have the dues amount entered as an item, but I don’t see a way to note the name of the individual or other info. If this isn’t currently a feature, is there a plan to add it in the future? This is a critical capability and may limit our ability to use Zettle. Thank you!


Adding Notes at POS


Hello, @Cub104arl. Thanks for taking the time to add your question here on the PayPal Community Forum.


To my knowledge, it's not possible at this time to add a note or other info to a transaction when a payment is taken. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Your feedback is valuable, however, and PayPal appreciates that.


A couple of workarounds that may help include printing out a receipt and writing the information on that, or you could add a new item each time someone pays their dues where the item includes the dues amount and the person's name. Please check out and for more information on obtaining a printer and on how to add items to the product library.


I realize that neither of these suggestions is optimal for your situation, but I hope they are helpful in some way. Thanks for being a part of the PayPal Community.





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