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hey guys. I bought a 5Eur ticket. And i did not recieved my money. I got an email from paypal. Yhey told me to join a gamers site. There this site says i got the offer and its completed... but on my paypal aplication i have 0Eur.....

Re: #scam

Reply to SCAM... I have simuliar problem i paid a scamer and within wks I retracted form PAYPAL....thay denied!!!!????!!!...I can sympathize with you hon, PAYPAL customer service and resolution group have gone "South" they have no immediate concern, caring or doing an immediate, through check of the facts and trying to help their clients who put faith, respect, and "TRUST" & “MONEY” "WE" are their "CLIENTS" show us some respect PAYPAL". Based on my experience I “NOW” would “NOT” put a dime in “PAYPAL” account…period…plus they allowed a crook scam take money from my “PAYPAL” account even when I told them not to and get my money back….I hate Paypal! For that and what they did to you…something has to be done or “PAYPAL” is heading for the garbage can!!!!