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retrieve wrong payment

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retrieve wrong payment

I find it poor that an incorrect payment cannot be retrieved. I sent $85 to the wrong recipient with the same name.  Thanks goodness it wasn't a greater amount. There is a fundamental issue with this. You certainly cannot expect the wrong recipient, who is a complete stranger, to return the money. I've made several requests with no response. It's also poor business that Paypal doesn't provide a customer service phone number to try to resolve this.  Anyone know how I can retrieve my money?

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Re: retrieve wrong payment



The important information you haven't supplied.........


how did you send it ie which paypal option friends/family or goods/services?

how did you fund it via paypal ie bank account / debit or credit card / funds in your paypal balance?

what does it say next to the transaction ie PAYMENT OR SENT / PENDING OR UNCLAIMED.

did you email the receipient and request a refund, some are honest and do so, others need help as they don't know how to issue a refund.


to be honest whether you get it back or not is dependent on those things BUT its the same if you pay into a wrong bank account, your bank can't help themselves to the funds from another persons bank account and equally paypal can't dip into someones paypal account and help themselves if you have sent it voluntarily and legally.

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