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reply to email to get my pending funds?? HUH?


reply to email to get my pending funds?? HUH?

Service @ PayPal (dot) com 


Additional Funds for gift cards 


Hello __(name here)___ 


We are deeply sorry for the late transfer of your payment from (client’s name here). It was due to an additional payment that was debited from the buyer account. After our verification, we discovered that the payment made by (client name here) was debited from their account and pending to be credited into your PayPal account. Hence the total sum of (money $$) has been deducted from the buyer’s PayPal account and is being processed to be credited into your account.


As a result, (client’s name here) has authorized us to contact you for additional gift cards of (money $$).  In the past, we have paid the seller the total sum on trust but unfortunately, the trust was abused because they refused to send back the additional funds to the buyer.


We advise you to buy an _(named brand gift card)_ of (money $$) and get back to us with the pictures of the cards been scratched for confirmation so your account will be credited with (money $$) 


Important Notice: Once the total of (money $$) _(brand named gift card)_ has been sent, we will credit your account ASAP as this is the last process.


Total amount to be credited into your account: (money $$) 


Please get back to us as soon as possible




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Re: reply to email to get my pending funds?? HUH?



I've already told you that its a SCAM, if you don't believe me then you must do whatever you want.

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Kudos / Solution appreciated.