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refunds and payments holds

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refunds and payments holds

just  refunded  a  client   who  disputed  and  claimed  his money  back  and  now  have  yet   another  problem  like  cant  send  payments   from  my  paypal  account  cant  withdraw  its  saying  my  account  has  some  problems  and  its  also  showing  some  amount  on holds  

kindly  help  since  want  to  withdraw  the  20$  balance  and  close  the  account  its  doesnt  belong   to  my  country  of  residence  and  open  a  new  one  as  well  

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Re: refunds and payments holds



If your paypal account has been limited because you are using another countries paypal account then its unlikely you can resolve the problems as you won't be able to provide the info paypal require.

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