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refund has been pending for awhile, along with a purchase


refund has been pending for awhile, along with a purchase

Hello there,

I have a couple issues on my paypal account, one having to do with a refund (1) and another one having tod o with an item I attempted to purchase but the sale never went through(2).

(1) So basically I was subscribed to Youtube TV for a couple of months and almost never used it, I honestly thought I had already cancelled the service but I got charged 40 which drew directly from my bank account through paypal and overdrew my bank, luckily I was able to balance it out before I got any fees. I contacted google and they were actually pretty cool about it. They saw I only used the service twice and said they would refund me the 40 dollars I was charged when I thought I had cancelled it and even the 40 from the month before since I didn't use it. They refunded both payments which were through Google and paypal and I had 2 pending refunds of 40 dollars on my paypal. Few days pass and 40 dollars auto deposits into my bank account. I get an email about Paypal processing the refunds, the first one automatically went into my paypal balance and then the other one is said that it would be pending until the 20th. The 20th has came and gone and it is still pending. I'm patient and okay with waiting, but I was wondering at what point would it be a good idea to contact paypal if it continues to not transfer over to my account.


(2) So back in september I was trying to use paypal credit to get some Papa Johns but for some reason the order kept not going through on Papa John's end. I eventually gave up on the pizza but the charge has been pending since. What do I do about this?