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refund all donations

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refund all donations

I received multiple payments for a fundraiser over these past two weeks but the fundraiser has been cancelled and I need to refund all the money back. I started to refund the money but I still have a lot more people who paid me but I need to refund them their money. When I go to issue their refund it says that there are insufficient funds and I can't issue the refund. How is this possible? They paid me this money, how am I not able to refund them their money. I need to refund everyone their money. Could I please get help with this?

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Re: refund all donations


Refunds are normally sourced from either a paypal balance OR bank account (some countries differ).
However you need to have the full amount of the refund in your balance for that option to be used.
As paypal no longer return the fee you were charged when your buyer paid then you may not have the full amount and so your bank account will be used instead. This would happen if the sender used the goods/services option and NOT the friends/family option to send the funds and you were charged a fee. 

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