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"Sorry, we can't confirm it's you" error

New Community Member

"Sorry, we can't confirm it's you" error

I still can log in into my Paypal account, but whenever I want to buy something online paying by Paypal it would pop out a screen telling me Paypal wanted to verify if it's me by sending a text message. However, after I chose "next" button, they didn't send me anything and jumped to the conclusion "Sorry, we can't confirm it's you". This happened to every single sites I used, thought before that I've never encountered this kind of problem before.

I talked to Paypal specialists several times but none of their advice works. I already linked and confirmed my bank account, added an SSN, used one phone number and one device only to pay via Paypal so what's wrong with Paypal?? And the specialists said like if it wasn't working then used another method  instead of Paypal! This is nonsense since Paypal now is blocking every of my payment and that kind of advice is just like telling the customer stop using their company's service.

If you have any idea what to do, please give me some advices. Thank you!