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prepay transport fees

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prepay transport fees

I am new to PP and this buyer of an item that needs shipping wants me to text him Amazon cards for the shipping charges. Is this a scam?


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Re: prepay transport fees

Hi, I am new to paypal too but have been asked to pay the shippers via western union before receiving the funds into my PayPal account. It all seems dodgy and a scam. I have asked PayPal if fraudulent and am waiting for a reply. If you don't feel it is right don't go through with the transaction is my advice
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Re: prepay transport fees




This is a typical scam ..................

They encourage you to accept a 'direct' Paypal payment and may ask you to send the item internationally.
No funds or activity of the transaction shows in your Paypal account and any emails 'may' go into your junk or spam folders.

You will get/got a "fake" email that looks as though it is from isn't because they don't actually have a Paypal account and have no intention of paying you.
It will say the buyer has paid won't have been paid.

The 'fake' paypal email will tell you that the buyer has paid for the item + shipping costs but you must send those shipping costs to the courier/ shipping agent via western union, moneygram or walmart etc BEFORE the funds are released to you.
They are not interested in the item, they just want the western union etc funds and you will never see money in your paypal balance.

They also 'sometimes' threaten legal action...have a laugh at that one and ignore it as its rubbish.

Or once you have sent and they know you have become a victim they may again send you 'fake' Paypal emails stating they sent too much and you have to refund BEFORE the funds are released to your balance or you have to send a western union payment to pay customs fees etc.

Paypal NEVER tell you to send an item before the payment is showing in your paypal account.
Paypal do not tell you to send trackable, they advise it for selling protection but it is not compulsory.
Paypal NEVER expect you to use a rival money transfer service eg Moneygram or Western Union etc.
Also their is no seller protection on paypal for any type of motor vehicle or item that is collected by the buyer.

Delete any emails and ignore the scammers.

Advice is voluntarily given.
Kudos / Solution appreciated if I helped you.