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payment page failure


payment page failure

I am trying to pay for a item from eBay. I get all the way to end past reviewing item, address, picking payment (PayPal funds - I have plenty) to the   pay now   button. I click it, the box flashes and comes back to same screen where    pay now button is there.   I check transactions and it shows the seller and that I sen   $0.    I'm not new.  Been on eBay 20+ years and PayPal from when eBay required it.

   I had this problem a while back and ignored it a couple days and then was able to work again. I have tried ignoring it for 3 days now but still doesn't work and I want to buy the item.  

  I try   buy it now from screen     all the above happens. I tried     adding to cart      and paying from there but all the above happens again ???