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payment deadline


payment deadline

Good evening, I am contacting you following a payment made with another PayPal account, my girlfriend therefore made a payment with her account to buy used pc parts. After sending the money to the person (January 12), the person still has not received the money in their PayPal balance. So I wanted to know if it was normal for the delay to be so long ?
Payment was made via the bank account linked to the paypal account
(Thank you very much for your help and I wish you a good evening Sasha

sorry for my bad English 🙂

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Re: payment deadline


What does it say next to the transaction in her Paypal account?

1. Pending (with a clearance date)
2. Pending/Unclaimed with a cancel option.
3. Pending/Unclaimed withOUT a cancel option.
4. Payment or Sent.
5. Pending/Uncleared with a clearance date.
6. Pending awaiting authorisation.

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