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new account, decline

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new account, decline

i opened a second paypal account to receive a payment in an account associated with my author name


i hoped it would make bookkeeping easier in the long run


anyway, i found i could not do anything with the money

cant transfer to my 'official' paypal account, nor can i spend it


i cant unlink my bank account from my main paypal account nor can i add it to this one

my debit card is a top up with my bank

but oddly, my main account will accept linking but this second account will not (even if it unlinked from the first)

just to add, my billing addresses are the same 

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Re: new account, decline



You are only allowed x2 paypal accounts if x1 is personal and the other x1 is business, if you have 2 of the same type you risk them both being limited. 


If you are adding a bank account and not debit card then the bank account name has to be the same as your paypal account name.


You should never use a name that is not your legal name on a paypal account as you would not be able to verify it or withdraw any funds.

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