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leaving a deposit


leaving a deposit

We are looking to purchase a kitten but the seller is asking for a deposit(practically the entire amount).  Unfortunately we live 2 hours away from the seller so can't just nip round.  Basically the seller has 5 kittens and wants a deposit to secure the kitten, now if this turned out to be say a scam or we couldn't get there could we claim out deposit back?  

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Re: leaving a deposit



Ask for a PayPal invoice with "allow partial payments" option enabled on the invoice.


"Allow partial payments

If you want to accept a deposit or partial payment from your customer, check the Allow partial payment box at the bottom of your invoice. You can also set a minimum amount. Your customer can then make a full payment, pay the minimum, or pay an amount greater than the minimum.


Your invoice will have a Partially Paid status until it’s paid in full. The amount paid will also appear on the invoice for both you and your customer.


The partial payments feature allows your customers to make multiple payments toward the full balance of one invoice, rather than you having to submit multiple invoices. It is not intended to be a credit product or to allow for an excessive number of payments to be made. We may contact customers if we suspect they’re not using this feature correctly."


You may file a dispute on the transaction if item not received or significantly not as described.


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