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i didnt recieved the refund yet


i didnt recieved the refund yet

i didnt recieved the refund yet. i change new credit card


Re: i didnt recieved the refund yet

You ask support, not community for this.


Google how to contact paypal support.


Your money will be refunded either in 3 days, or you will have to confirm if its even coming.


Re: i didnt recieved the refund yet

Hi @jonathan074 and @WisoAltred,


Thank you for your posts! I'm sorry to hear that there's confusion regarding the receipt of a refund to a new credit card. If the credit card is a new number issued on the same credit card account, the refund will appear in that account even though you have a new card for it. If the old card is closed completely, you can contact the credit card issuer to let them know you've received a refund to that account, and discuss disbursement options with them. Refunds may potentially take 3 days, as mentioned by @WisoAltred, but can potentially take up to a full billing cycle, which is typically 30 days.


Please note, it is not safe to use a search engine such as Google for finding a contact number for PayPal. This manner of finding a number may result in phishing and spoof numbers coming up. This is a common way that people end up defrauded. If you ever need to contact customer service, please click Contact at the bottom of the PayPal website and find your contact options. In this instance, it should not be necessary to contact customer service to resolve your refund, but the customer service team is there for you when you do need them!


I hope this helps!




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