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how do I access payouts from game apps?

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PayPal game apps paying out money

I have two games I'm waiting for money of $300 each and I have some questions and why it's not showing up in my PayPal account??????

Re: PayPal game apps paying out money

What are some good games or apps to download to earn money?
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online games

Search: I play games and it says that they put 1000.00 in my pay pal account today. where do I find it

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Online game payout

Has anyone got paid from Block Game PayPal payout? It says my payment has been sent to my PayPal account but it's not there

Re: Online game payout

I'm playing 1010 block fun I was not have any money in my PayPal account around one month all gift cards is pending I still to play the game today send messages all the time you won money cash out is transfer in your paypal account but I did not have nating now one transfer of the game

Re: Online game payout

I've had the same problem with other games where you watch a certain amount of adds before you can cash out. I've gotten to each amount and its says you have 72 hours before the money gets deposited into your account. Each time it never makes it!!

TILE magic matoh to win

2000$ not transferred money my account
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Missing money from games.

I played a game a won money but it's not on my PayPal card. Can someone tell me where it went?
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Re: Missing money from games.



Please do a web search if the games do pay out or not. If payment was really sent, it should be fairly instant. There have been a lot if scam game apps promising big pay out but don’t. They make you watch ads and you make significant amount of money in 2 ridiculous minutes. They’re a total joke. There’s plenty of YouTube vids demonstrating what scams they are.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

Re: Missing money from games.

I played different games from paypal and cash out like 300.00 or 200.00 and 500.00 and i didn't see it in my paypal account yet.