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how do I access payouts from game apps?

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Neon pop

Has anyone ever actually gotten a payment from this game I ha e 3 that day success but nothing in my account Thank you

cash games

i have been playing some cash games and they pay out through paypal.. it says payment suceeded but i have yet to see anything




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Crazy onet retrait gain

Hello. I have been playing the crazy onet game for a while and got a win. I sent this winnings to my paypal account but it doesn't work. Why and what to do? Looking forward to your help thank you.


South africa

Hello I played 2048 card game so it says my money have been transferred to my paypal account so how do I get it


Hi Can anyone tell me what playpal is please. I won some money on a game and it says funds have been to playpal . I've checked paypal but cant find any info on playpal. Thank u
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Re: Playpal



You’re being played by these big money making game apps. They’re scams. These sketchy game developers put in silly misspellings such as “PlayPal” or something in the game to demonstrate what an absolute joke it’s.


Try Mistplay where the payouts are more realistic and MODEST, if your country is supported.

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Gaming Money

I please need some help.I'm playing games and redeem some money.How can I link it to my paypal account and recieved the money. Is it the right way.


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playpal in paypal account

I play 2048 game and have money to go to paypal  was wondering if anyone has got their money or if they are scams  and if so how do you get your money thank you 




I was playing games but never received any money to my paypal?
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Re: money


Loads of posts on here all saying money ''pending'' from one game or another but I have never seen anyone actually get paid any money.
The large amounts of cash folks are trying to withdraw are a lot more than any game could earn with their advertisement sponsorships.

They just want you to think you will get cash to make you play or watch their ads or videos.
Research first as its very unlikely you are going to get a lot of money from playing a game !

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