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how can i talk to a human?


how can i talk to a human?

I'm so annoyed.


  • chat is not available.
  • The call center can't help me -so says the automated attendant.
  • message box says "Our apologies, but messages are currently unavailable. Please close this window and select another contact option".
  • I had a string going in the message box. the last msg said they will be paying the receiver. I asked for a date, she could not give one. I asked for a manager and now they blocked me from seeing the message or writing a new one.

A payment I made is "pending". They took the money out of my bank on 1/13/21. It's now 1/21/21. The receiver still has not received it. WTF!!!


And, they will not allow me to speak to ANYONE to find out what is going on! I hate this company. Never again. Venmo will get 100% of my biz from now on. I have not been rude, I have not used profanity, I have been totally professional.  This note is the most emotion I have displayed...because it's the community, not them.




Anyone know what I can do?

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Re: how can i talk to a human?



Echeques take up to a week to clear.

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