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direct deposit problems


direct deposit problems

Have someone problems with DD ? Why it took so long I have 30+ hours delay After call they said nothing useful
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Re: direct deposit problems

My direct deposit shoukd have arrived at just after midnight. Nothing. No explanation from CS other than we know it is a problem. However, even though we know thousands of people are having the problem, you must wait until 5pm for us to try to trace the funds. When will I get a response? 24 to 48 hours, usually. That doesn't mean resolution either. It was a risk to allow my DD to go to PP. I like probably thousands of others will move it back to our bank accounts. This will mean millions fewer interchange fees from the PP Mastercard. If PP handled it differently, I may have kept my DD with them. There is nothing on the website to let one know it is a problem. I spent hours calling my employer and Paychex. My employer spend time calling on my behalf. What about the fees that will mount as autodebits come in? Will PP reimburse those? Will they do anything nice for the people effected? Let's see shall we....