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can't Accept the Money refund money


can't Accept the Money refund money

Hello everyone

I have problem with accept refunded money. 

I will start from begin. In 2014 I was living in USA. I created this account there. After some time, I moved back to my county. But from 2014 I'm using this account without any big problem. I made lots of payment end receive refund from 2014 till now, without living in USA. 

So several days ago I received refund, but can't send it to my credit card any more. Now I can't "Keep it in my Paypal account" because I requires confirmation and social card number which I do not have because not living in USA any more. And I can't "Transfer to my bank", because there is no option to choose any of my 2  credit cart which is linked to account. I also cannot link bank account because there is option to choose on american banks. My country bank is not support. 

I have read a lot about how to change account address when you moving to other country. I know now how to do it.

Now I need just receive refunded money to my bank or credit card account.

Please help me what to do?!

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Re: can't Accept the Money refund money



Yeah, the account policies have changed since 2014 and we need to verify our accounts now. Since you moved, you must open a PayPal account in your  new country of residence. After you set up the new account, talk to the person sending you the refund to get their money back, either by canceling the refund, or wait until the unclaimed funds to return to them automatically after 30 days and then send money to your new PayPal account.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

Re: can't Accept the Money refund money


seems there is no other way