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Youtube Premium issues, need help pls :)

New Community Member

Youtube Premium issues, need help pls :)

Right so earlier last month I cancelled my youtube premium subscription by moving it to inactive in the Manage pre-approved payments tab


Now a month later I want to resubscribe to youtube premium and it said: account closed on youtube

I googled and found out that I should remove my paypal from, so at first I tried that and it said I needed to add a credit card first before I could remove it. which I dont own since I'm not american


I gave up for 2 weeks

Now today, I tried removing it from again and it worked and didn't ask me for a credit card

Then I tried to resubscribe to premium and it gave me this error: "Payment declined. Your purchase could not be completed due to an issue with your PayPal account. Please contact PayPal Customer Service for more information or choose a different payment method. [OR-HDT-04]"


It still says Google,Inc is on inactive mode in pre approved payments, I remember there used to be a reactivation button but its no longer there, how do I fix this? I cant seem to get in contact with paypal officials either, this customer support is horrible