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Xoom trouble?


Xoom trouble?

Xoom is owned by Paypal. I have been quite happy with Paypal.

Xoom has been nothing but an aggravation and will probably not only not use it again but lodge a complaint with the proper authorities.

Anyone else have issues - and solutions?

Seems I am a sucker for believing Xoom would be quick and easy. Several promises were made in the promotion:

  • Next business day (“…your money will typically arrive next business day to any bank in the United States”)
  • Only bank name and account # needed (“…Step 3: Choose any bank in the US…. Step 4: Enter your recipient's account …on our secure page. Step 5: Conveniently pay …”)
  • 'verification department' was 'starting to process' for a couple of days and never responded to inquiries.
  • Status messages never received - i had to call them and endure a typical 'customer care' experience.

Seemed to be what I needed: quick transfer of some $ so i submitted a request on a Friday evening. Completion was promised Monday night. Repeated checks of status only had 'verification process started.' Even after the due date. Finally today (almost 4 days later) i called and they said they needed 'more information.' They never asked or sent a status on that. The info they 'needed' were some irrelevant issues, e.g., why? For an amount under $5K it seems they must have been treating us as drug dealers. Now they have sent it onto another department and said it will be an additional business day!


I hope paypal management gets this message. You need to investigate Xoom.