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Wondering if PayPal has done this to you??


Wondering if PayPal has done this to you??

I made the mistake of purchasing 3 online  gift cards from Paypal  - a $50, $100 and $250 denominations. I bitterly regret doing it now! They have $400 of MY freaking money! 


Firstly, they do not tell you until AFTER you purchase that it can take 1 to 3 days to get them! That would have seriously affected my decision to purchase. It is also against Australian Consumer Guarantee - you MUST know what you are buying before the fact, not after!  Anyhow, after getting on the phone, after the 2nd time, they "re-sent" (they said)  the cards and links to click to get the codes.... but when I clicked the links to get the codes it says:


We're sorry. This is not a valid claim link.

Need help?



I have now had 3 sets of links sent to me - the $100 and $250 one say the same thing. The $50 gives me a code, but it has NOT been used. After the 4th call, I'm told it is now because they are saying that the card codes have been used. I'm just gobsmacked - and would like to know if anyone else has had this bullsh!t from them?


One of their supervisors also tried to tell me that PayPal do not have to adhere to parts of Australian Consumer Law, that you cant contact the Digital Gift section by phone (he told me he had and then subsequently told me I either misheard or he misspoke because he emailed them …. fortunately I am in Qld and I CAN and do record calls so I know and can prove what he said - but on call number 3 AND 4 to them, I was put through to the Digital Gifts section - the pone where there are no phones *eye rolls*).


These people seem to be arrogant liars  and I have commenced lodging a complaint with ACCC and Dept Justice and Fair Trading …. but just found this section and wondered if others have had similar issues? If so, what was your outcome/s?