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Will resetting my account resolve this Ebay issue ?


Will resetting my account resolve this Ebay issue ?

So every time I try to checkout with eBay or any other website and I click on the Paypal option, it then asks me to log in, and when I log in, it runs a security check on me EVERYTIME!  So no big deal, it asks me for a number, I got one set as preferred and marked confirmed in my account settings so I put that in and EVERYTIME it says that's it's incorrect.


I have literally tried so much and looked at every way possible  that my account was even limited but the problem persists, I even got in touch with a real life person and chatted with Paypal agents, my account is limited but they say that once I reset it I will be able to spend money again. Can I be assured that this is the truth and spend time calling an agent again to lift my limitation ? Or is there nothing I can do ? What steps can I do if this problem persists to take the money out of my Paypal Wallet and put it elsewhere ?

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