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Why payment made the way it was?

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I Purchased something and OK'd payment - part was removed from a Paypal Balance - they took the rest

directly out of my checking account instead of a monthly bill. 

They have done this a few times - not always.

Thanks for any help.


Why payment made the way it was?


Hello @ginnpr

Thanks for stopping by the Community! 

I'm sorry to hear your payment didn't process the way you were expecting. When you mention a monthly bill, it sounds like you may be referring to PayPal Credit. If you have PayPal Credit, you'll need to select that payment method when making a purchase. If you don't have it set up as your preferred payment method, the transaction may default to a card or bank. For further assistance, you can contact Customer Support by clicking 'Contact' at the bottom of any PayPal page. Support is also available through Facebook private message or Twitter direct message.

I hope this helps! 

- Meghan

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