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Why no ammo?

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Why no ammo?

I was in the Navy, attached to a Marine unit for years and have still done classes to make sure I was up to date to have my firearm safely. However, three times now I have gone to buy ammo from sites, since I am trying to also social distance, and been told PayPal doesn’t work since it’s ammo. Why are you banning all legal sales from your site, when people have to be old enough to buy ammo to even use your site? Have you also ban bongs, roach clips, hookah parts, vaping equipment, etc since those are harmful to the respiratory system and cause mouth,throat, and lung cancers? Not being the “middle man” isn’t going to stop the sale, it just takes another set of eyes off the trail of someone who could be planning something bad, and makes one less way of catching a bad guy. Honestly, y’all have the best chance of catching a disturbing pattern in someone’s purchases.
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Re: Why no ammo?



Read paypals acceptable use policy.

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