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Where is Friends and Family option?

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I am trying to send money to my daughter such that she doesn't have to pay a fee to receive it. I see no option for "Friends and family", I do see an option for Gift. However there is no indication that this will not charge her when she receives it. Where is the Friends and Family option? I am using my bank account as the source.  I see from previous posts on this topic that some countries no longer have this option - is USA one of the countries Paypal no longer offers Friends and Family?


Where is Friends and Family option?

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Gift payment is a friends/family payment.

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Where is Friends and Family option?


everytime someone send me money, it will always end up

on pending and not on my

paypal balance. and i needed to provide or update an order status. and the other party have to wait for days to confirm it that they recieved the product that they bought when they didnt really buy anything. because they dont have any other option to choose when sending money. 

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