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Warning ⚠️ REVIEW ‼️


Warning ⚠️ REVIEW ‼️

I’ve had payment over $700 stuck in my PayPal balance due to the lack of help and customer services I needed to confirm my identity, phone number, linking my debit cards, and linking my bank account. I had to resolve the issue on my own by refunding every transaction I had from my customers and for them to send back payments straight into my bank account because PayPal wasn’t linking it. I’ve called customer service for 5 straight days and no one was available. I’ve tried the message center but talking to a robot was no help. I’ve messaged PayPal on Facebook with a long and stressful message, only then was I able to speak to an actual person. If you’re reading this and are thinking of opening a PayPal account, I would suggest to try every possible way to link your debit cards, and bank accounts because that is the only way you will be able to get money out before PayPal steals it. Also, be sure that your phone number is able to receive SMS because without that, you will never be able to confirm it and confirming your phone number is a HUGE thing in the PayPal community. You must be SMART and because I first time using PayPal, I wasn’t fully educated. PayPal will give you the hardest time to receive any type of customer service, especially if you have a BIG AMOUNT OF MONEY in your PayPal balance. Reading hundreds to thousands of reviews, many people have this trouble and have had trouble for years and even up to this date they haven’t been solved. So really, there’s no resolution to anything unless you’re smart enough to help yourself. Now, I have a real person on PayPal Facebook trying to contact me to help me, after the fact that I found a way to take the money out of my account and wanting to close my account. Another note: they will do everything they can to have you not close it! They’re just waiting for another chance to take your money if you ever have a transaction on PayPal ever again after your first bad attempt! I’m pressed, stressed, and **bleep** OFF! Sincerely, - A MAD Woman in 2021!

Re: Warning ⚠️ REVIEW ‼️

I'm beginning to think that PP doesn't have a customer service. I just had a look back at posts raised weeks ago and there are still no replies