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Using Paypal to pay for Facebook Ads


Using Paypal to pay for Facebook Ads

I tried to add Facebook to my preapproved payments so I can use it to pay for Facebook Ads, but there is no icon for Facebook showing and I have tried searching but can't seem to find it anywhere.


How can I get round this. Facebook is rejecting my card for payments and I want to use the paypal option.


Re: Using Paypal to pay for Facebook Ads

Hello @Igwe2019,


I'm sorry to hear you're running into some difficulty there. Normally you'll see the option to use PayPal right next to the option to use your debit / credit card. If the merchant doesn't present PayPal during their checkout screen, we may not be available to be used. You may want to reach out to Facebook Ads to see what options are available. 


Best wishes!


 - Jon K

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