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Unsolicited refunds


Unsolicited refunds

I made a payment to microsoft on the 25th o January and that payment was refunded to me on the 20th of March. I did not ask for this refund and obviously my subscription was cancelled by microsoft. So I buy the subscription again and i get an email from paypal saying that the payment was made to microsoft only to seconds later to receive another email from paypal saying that a refund is pending again. On my microsoft account is saying that my subscription is back in order but I know that it is going to be cancelled again because paypal is going to request refund. What's happening paypal? Please sort this out.
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Missing refunds

Hello. I have problem with Paypal, i opened a case on because i did not received an item. Now paypal closed a case but i did not receieved my money ( refund) I try to contact paypal but due Corona virus nothing is working. I use paypal so many years but now, what ever way i like to contact paypal nothing help. I ordered my item on 4 of February and case been close by paypal 3 days a go. Can please somene help me please? It was £65.18